Motorbike Cover Waterproof Outdoor Moped Cover Waterproof Outdoor 245cm Motorcycle Covers Motorbike Accessories


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  • 【Motorbike Cover】: This motorcycle cover is universal and fits various motorcycles. Suitable for most motorbikes less than 240cm long.
  • 【Dust Free】: Motorbike is very easy for bike to get covered in dust but this cover keeps all of the dust off. Great item for indoor cover. Would suit outdoor too for a short time .
  • 【Light but Durable】: Mobility cover only takes a minute to put over and secure. motorbike cover is light weight and it keeps most of the bird poo but it was never water proof fully not to be used in the rain.
  • 【Moped Cover Waterproof Outdoor 】: The motorbike cover lock holes make it easy to tell front from rear when putting it on the bike. let your exhausts cool a bit before covering your motorbike.
  • 【Easy Storage】: Motorbike cover comes with a handy little bag to store it in. It will not occupy space and keeps the motorcycle cover clean.Great cover for moped!