KOHLBURG Security Chain Lock Sold Secure Gold – 4ft / 120cm Extra-Long Bicycle Lock – high Security Standard – Heavy Duty Lock 0.33″ Strong – Secure Bike Chain Lock for e-Bike Bicycle Motorbike


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  • SECURITY FIRST NO EXCUSE GIMMICKS – This chain lock of type Helsinki is designed to protect high-quality bikes and motorbikes – no more and no less. Hence this lock is no lifestyle accessory with exciting gimmicks. We prioritize security by using an especially strong Titanium steel and a particularly safe cylinder that matches car security standards. We combine years of experience in the field of bike security with our high security standards. For details please see below.
  • SOLID STEEL INSTEAD OF LIGHT STEEL – In contrast to many other chain locks who are advertised as lightweight we do not use light steel with reduced safety. We believe there is simply no shortcut for security. That is why our lock is made of solid hardened steel and thus is especially secure against bolt cutters & metal saws. The price of this high anti-theft focus is a heavy lock weight of 5.5 lbs. Greatly suited for motorcycle scooter moped ebike pedelec electric bike & bike trailer.
  • EXTRA-LONG LOCK – The longer the lock the more convenient and secure the bicycle can be locked. This bike chain lock has a spacious length of 4 feet / 47 inch / 120 cm. This length is important to securely lock both your bike frame AND the front wheel to a fixed object. Or to secure several bikes at once.
  • HIGH SECURITY CHAIN – The lock chain provides a high level of security against bolt cutters & hacksaws due to the 0.33″ / 8.3 mm strong 4-edge links. Additionally the lockhead offers an anti-lock-picking cylinder. To also protect your bike’s varnish the chain is coated with a soft & robust sleeve. The lock comes with 3 keys.
  • BETTER MASSIVE THAN SORRY – The very long & massive lock offers a convenient balance between security and weight. On the one hand locks with chain diameter of 0.25″ or less are much lighter but hardly offer a reliable protection. On the other hand this chain lock is highly secure but please consider the rather high weight of 5.5 lbs and only buy this lock if the weight is acceptable for you. Please keep in mind as we like to say: Better massive than sorry.