Jazooli Motorcycle Waterproof Cover, Outdoor Indoor All Season Protective Motorbike Moped Rain Dust Dirt Bike Cover Sheet with Reflective Strip and Tie Down Points


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  • Jazooli brand waterproof motorcycle cover – Ideal for protecting your motorcycle from the elements we offer a product suitable for the vast majority of motorcycles. Featuring an elastic hem with clip fixing keep your vehicle safe from inclement weather without worrying about your cover blowing off in harsh winds.
  • Water-resistant design – Created from dense material and finished in water-resistant coating we present a motorcycle cover that is water safe against considerable pressure. The elastic hem allows you to completely cover your vehicle ensuring total coverage against the elements.
  • Perfect for high winds – Our elastic hem is built with a clipping feature that allows you to maintain your cover in high winds. Suitable for most motorcycles our elasticated cover and clips are ideal for covering your vehicle in high wind environments.
  • High quality and durable – Built with outdoor use in mind our cover is the consummate choice in bike covers built for harsh environments. Featuring sturdy clips and a wear-resistant material our cover is designed to maintain longevity when left outside.
  • Easy to store – Super lightweight our bike cover is a breeze to store. Do away with unwieldy bike covers ours simply needs rolling up making it incredibly easy to store. Take it with you when you’re out on the road our bike cover is removed stored and transported simply.
  • Size – 245cm x 105cm x 125cm.