Heating Motorcycle Handlebar Muffs USB Heated Motorbike Handlebar Muffs Mitts Waterproof Windproof Scooter Cycling Gloves Outdoor Electric Hands Warmer for Men Women


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  • Dual-Sided Heating: The handlebar muffs gloves feature a dual-sided heating design ensuring even warmth for your hands throughout your ride. Whether it’s the chilly winter or early mornings you’ll experience consistent warmth.
  • Enhanced Insulation: The interior is lined with high-quality thick hollow cotton providing exceptional insulation. This hollow cotton is not only lightweight but also locks in heat while maintaining its fluffiness effectively preventing heat loss and keeping you warm in cold environments.
  • Wind & Water Resistance: The exterior is coated with advanced waterproofing capable of repelling wind and snow. Whether you’re riding in rainy weather or challenging conditions these handlebar covers and gloves effectively shield your hands from cold winds and rain.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control and Safety: the one-hour auto power-off function ensures that excessive power consumption is avoided during long rides safeguarding battery life and safety. Secondly the four-level temperature adjustment allows you to tailor the warmth to your preferences maintaining optimal comfort. Moreover the three-second rapid heating feature quickly provides warmth eliminating long waiting times.
  • Durable and Anti-Slip: Designed with motorcycle riding in mind the outer layers of the covers and gloves are made from abrasion-resistant materials capable of withstanding prolonged friction from riding. Additionally the use of anti-slip materials enhances grip stability providing a safer riding experience.