GP-PRO Gel Battery 12V 5Ah GTX4L-BS (similar to YB4L-B / YTX5L-BS / YTX4L-BS)


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  • GP-PRO gel battery have incredible power output plus they are dry pre-charged and maintenance-free sealed. Discover the power you need now. Directly ready for installation incl. screw set
  • Safe and efficient: Designed in Germany for maximum starting power and performance with constant cold start power and very low self-discharge. Robust vibration-resistant housing
  • Voltage: 12 (V) Capacity: 5 ampere-hours (Ah) Inrush current at -18°C: 55 (CCA) Accumulator Technology: GEL Weight: 150kg Dimensions: 113 x 71 x 85 mm (length x width x height)
  • Comparison numbers: YTX4L-BS 50411 M6001 YG4L-B YTX4L-4 YB4L-B YT4L-BS YTX5L-BS 50412 M6004 497408 CB4L-B GEL12-4L-B SLA4L-BS FTX4L-BS CBTX4L-BS GEL12-5L-BS CTX5L-BS 50314 504012003
  • Industry 4.0: Smart Manufacturing – Accumulators can discharge due to excessively long delivery routes or storage in warehouses. Through smart coordination of production chains GP-PRO accumulators are shipped worldwide in a pre-charged state