Gorffy 30cm Car Battery Cable 2 Pcs, 5AWG 16mm² 12v Battery Cable, Battery Cables 12v Heavy Duty with SC16-10 Ring Terminals, Copper Wire Battery Inverter Cable, Battery Leads for Car & Truck (30cm)


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  • 【30cm Battery Cable Set】- Package includes 2 pcs 30cm 5AWG 16mm² car battery cables 12v with 10mm ring terminals. The red battery cable is positive and black battery cable is negative.
  • 【Pure Copper Battery Leads】- The 12v battery cable is made of premium pure copper wire and tinned copper ring terminals that make the battery inverter cable have good electrical conductivity. The battery terminal and copper wire are connected with PVC heat shrinkable insulating sleeve which makes the battery cable corrosion-resistant wear resistant and not loose.
  • 【Premium PVC Insulated Jacket】- The copper battery cable is wrapped with PVC insulated jacket that has good flame-retardant property high temperature stability and low-temperature anti-cracking property so that the battery inverter cable can be used safely in any extreme environment.
  • 【Versatile Car Battery Cable】- These battery cables 12v heavy duty have a wide range of applications that can be used in car truck RV motorcycle solar panel battery and boat etc.
  • 【Easy to Install】- The 12v battery cable is easy to install. First distinguish the positive and negative terminals of the battery leads and then replace the old battery inverter cable with our new cable.