FD-MOTO 1.8M*10mm 4KG Steel Motorcycle Chain Lock Padlock + 110dB Yellow Alarmed Motorbike Brake Disc Lock + 1.5M Cable


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  • 【Chain Lock】1.8M long; Weight: About 4KG; Manufactured with 10mm square steel
  • 【Chain Lock】Every link is welded;Rust resistant
  • 【Alarm Disc Lock】110dB Siren Alarm with 7mm pin;protects your beloved motorcycle bike from thieves while at home or parking outside. Sensitive movement shock sensor will activate the alarm when vibrated to frighten thieves away from your belongings
  • 【Alarm Disc Lock】Easy to lock with one-press operation just push down the button with a “DU” sound into alarm status shock motion sensors trigger a piercing 110dB anti-theft alarm keep your belongings safe
  • 【Alarm Disc Lock】Enclosed a 1.5m disc lock reminder cable prevent potential damage caused by riding away while the disc lock is engaged. 6 internal batteries and 6 back up for longer use. An Allen key to disassemble the lock.