EYPINS Alarm Disc Brake Lock Motorcycle ​Two Modes Disc Lock ​Motorbike 110dB Alarm Sound Waterproof Disc Wheel Security Lock with 1.2m Reminder Cable and ​Carry Pouch ​for Bike Scooter


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  • 🔒【HIGH-QUALITY ANTI-THEFT LOCK】 EYPINS motorbike alarm disc brake lock is made of zinc alloy (Higher quality than aluminum alloy). After multiple heat treatment processes hardness and strength are improved which can effectively resist external damage. The sturdy housing makes it more difficult to pick the lock and easily trigger the alarm. It makes the thief nowhere to hide and is a thief’s nightmare.
  • 🔒【DUAL-PURPOSE ALARM MODE】 EYPINS motorbike disc brake lock uses a new design and can be locked in two modes: silent and alarm. When Lock Cylinder is pressed halfway in silent mode. Without sound like a normal lock; when Lock Cylinder is fully pressed in alarm mode. Emit a loud “DU” sound and it has been locked. When vibration or movement is detected it will emit three warnings. When triggered again it will continue to emit a sharp alarm of 105-110dB enough to make anyone notice.
  • 🔒【STRONG SEALING & EASY BATTERY REPLACEMENT】 Lock cover and lock body form a closed space which can be waterproof and dustproof and can cope with any weather. (Note: The alarm may be sounded by mistake when it is raining and windy. Recommended to switch to silent mode.). When you hear continuous “ge ge ge…” sounds or the alarming sound is suddenly stopped without lasting 10 seconds. Please use wrench we provided to unscrew at the bottom take away the cover and replace the battery.
  • 🔒【STRONG APPLICABILITY】 The diameter of the disc brake lock cylinder is about 6mm and it can be inserted into turntables with apertures up to 7mm. It is suitable for most motorcycles bicycles and electric vehicles. In addition the gap of the lower part of the lock is designed to be 6mm and the thickness of the turntable is generally 4mm~4.5mm. EYPINS disc brake lock will not be easily shaken when it is locked and it can be fixed at an all-around angle of 360 degrees.
  • 🔒【VARIETY ACCESSORIES】 The eye-catching bright green rope can provide a good visual deterrent for potential thieves. Three keys can deal with the loss of the key. A small carrying bag can hold the disc brake lock to make it more convenient to carry. When you hear a continuous “Ge Ge Ge” sound from the lock body it means the battery is running out additional battery and an Allen wrench can let you replace the dead battery. The matching manual can better help you use the product.