EYPINS Alarm Brake Disc Bike Lock Cycle Padlock with 1.2m Motorcycle Motorbike Chain Lock Security Scooter for Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Bicycle


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  • 【HIGH-QUALITY】 Yellow zinc aluminium alloy body of the Disc lock is compacted rustless and durable. IP06 waterproof level and well sealed to prevent the water go into the lock which is not afraid the rainy days. Several processes of chrome plating are applied to the polishing of the lock body. The surface of the bike chain lock body is mirror-polished and chrome-plated which makes the lock body anti-rust and corrosion resistant and more beautiful.
  • 【DUAL-PURPOSE ALARM MODE】 EYPINS motorbike disc brake lock uses a new design and can be locked in two modes: silent and alarm. When Lock Cylinder is pressed halfway in silent mode. Without sound like a normal lock; when Lock Cylinder is fully pressed in alarm mode. Emit a loud “DU” sound and it has been locked. When vibration or movement is detected it will emit three warnings. When triggered again it will continue to emit a sharp alarm of 105-110dB enough to make anyone notice.
  • 【ANTI-THEFT CAPABILITY】 The bright green reminder cable can act as a decent visual deterrent for those potential thieves 100dB alarm siren is loud enough for anyone to notice! All of these can give you peace of mind leaving your bike or motorcycle outside in a populated city in the parking lot at work and during motorcycle ride trips or motel travels. Parked outside the home is not afraid of potential losse.
  • 【EASY TO USE】 Press the button to lock you’ll hear a loud “beep” sound to let you know that the lock alarm is actived. When detecting a vibration it has a warning triple beep to let potential theives know its armed. Then if it’s tampered again it will give off an continuous shrill 10 beeps alarm to draw everyone’s attention and fight off the thieves suspects. Each alarm will last for 10 seconds and has to be disabled by inserting the key to unlock it or wait for 10 second.
  • 【BATTERY REPLACEMENT】 It’s time to change the battery when you hear continuous “ge ge ge…” sounds or the alarming sound is suddenly stopped without lasting 10 seconds. Please use the M2 mini wrench we provided to unscrew the fours screw at the bottomtake away the cover and replace the battery. Pay attention to the anode “+” and cathode “-“(up: cathode & down: anode).
  • 【PACKAGE CONTAINS】1pcs Chain lock motorcycle lock; 1pcs Disc lock motorcycle lock 1pcs 1M reminder cable 1pcs Spare battery set 1pcs Carrying pouch 1pcs Allen wrench 2pcs Disc brake lock keys 4pcs Chain lock keys. It is ideal for anti-theft of bicycles and motorcycles.