Dasing 2 Pcs Universal Motorbike View Mirror Motorcycle Rearview Mirrors 360 Degree Rotation Motorcycle Motorbike Scooter Side Mirrors 8 / 10mm Black + red


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  • ★[Applicable]-The rearview mirror is suitable for all motorcycles/scooters/cross-country vehicles with 8/10mm standard thread (right thread)
  • ★[Basic function]-The ABS rearview mirror has been designed and tested to provide the highest level of performance and ease of use for demanding users under harsh conditions. Use thread locks to protect the product from vibration or looseness.
  • ★[Expanded Field of View]-The side rear-view mirror enables the driver to see the vehicle and the conditions behind it thereby improving the driver’s field of vision and field of vision and eliminating blind spots.
  • ★[Durable and safe]-High-impact ABS shell and plastic as well as impact resistance. Eye-catching personality makes your bike more attractive and outstanding.
  • ★[Easy Installation]-Clear and easy to install. The mirror is highly reflective and once you fix it in place the bracket is fixed. Tighten each mirror the rearview mirror will be firmly in place and will not swing or lose its adjustment.