Cardboard Packing Boxes For Moving Shipping Storage Removal Box (45x30x30cm – 40l Medium Size Box Pack 5 x Boxes)


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  • HOW MANY BOXES WOULD I GET? Pack of 5 X Boxes . WHAT IS THE COLOUR SIZE AND CAPACITY OF THESE BOXES? These corrugated cardboard boxes are Brown in color and you can choose the required size from Small Medium Large or even Extra XL and XXL Big Tall Large Boxes from the Drop Down Menu above on this page.
  • WHAT ARE THESE CARDBOARD BOXES USED FOR ? These carboard packing boxes are ideal for moving house / home office packaging shipping removal storage and can also be used for furniture sending fragile items including crockery dishes plates and for parcels mailing posting gift presents and much more.
  • ARE THESE PACKING BOXES STACKABLE EASY TO FOLD ASSEMBLE HEAVY DUTY STRONG AND STURDINESS ? Yes these packaging boxes are fully stackable flat packed easy to fold easy to assemble heavy duty strong and sturdy cardboard box .
  • ARE THESE CARTON BOXES RECYCLED OR RECYCLABLE ECO FRIENDLY AND RE-USABLE ? Yes these storage boxes are made from fully recycled material and are fully recyclable too eco friendly and can be reused multiple times without compromising quality and strength of these removal boxes .
  • WHERE ARE THESE MOVING BOXES MADE FROM THICKNESS AND HOW THEY ARE SUPPLIED ? These shipping boxes are made in UK (United Kingdom) and made from double wall cardboard box (i.e. strong double walled paper thickness) and supplied flatpack for safe transit and delivery .