Brisk Cycling Skull Cap Under Helmet Thermal Tight Fit Warm regular size (Balaclava)


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  • Brisk Bike Synthetic Cycling cap is a unique cap with a lot of qualities. Made from highly elasticated polyethene terephthalate PET-G fabric this cap is highly durable and long-lasting and can give a snug fit. With the G-Core Nanopores technology these caps are highly breathable as it wicks the moisture and keeps the surface of the head dry.
  • With PET-G fibre thread technology this cap is surprisingly lightweight and has an obvious sense of style with unique Anti-Microbial and Anti-Odor properties. Equipped with a super moisture-wicking fleece pro interior this cap is highly comfortable to use for a longer riding session.
  • The temp control fleece fibre keeps the head and the ears warm in chilling weather conditions. The fabric composition is highly flexible and allow the cap to be folded and can be kept in the pocket easily. The rounded pearl shape allows this cap to fit under the helmet nicely.
  • Machine crafted perforations allow air contact with the head surface. Pico-thread technology strengthened the stitching bond with a Triple-needle flat fell (lap seam) stitching on centre and back.
  • Aesthetically designed to augment the movement and performance of the users. With the PP-MEG advance polymer these shorts have the ability to retain a crisp and resilient look and are highly abrasion-resistant.