Bike Lock Chain Bicycle Lock – Cycle Lock Bike Accessories Bike Locks High Security 5 Digit Codes Combination Heavy Duty 1000mm for Motor Scooter(7 x 830 mm)


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  • ­čöĺ [High security bike combination lock] The bike lock has a 7mm thick hardened steel chain and a 5-digit combination lock so there are 100000 possible combinations making it more secure than other 4-digit locks. Easy to set your own personalised number combinations.
  • ­čöĺ [Practical bike lock]. The steel chain is 830mm long and weighs 633g which ensures that 2 or 3 bikes can be used together. High weight high quality strong and sturdy material to protect your bicycle from theft.
  • ­čöĺ [Easy to carry]. The combination lock mechanism offers the convenience of keyless access with simple steps to set your own code. With a keyless convenience lock you don’t have to worry about losing your keys and forgetting to carry them. The code design saves you the hassle of carrying your keys. The default code is 00000. (Note: don’t forget your code!) .
  • ­čöĺ [Wide range of applications] The bicycle chain lock is not only suitable for bicycles mountain bikes and motorbikes but also for gates fences and toolboxes. The bike chain lock is very effective and also protects your valuables.
  • ­čöĺ [Durable Bike Lock] The chain lock features a high-strength zinc alloy lock cylinder and a tough ABS housing lock. It can better protect the bicycle from scratches. As a result not only is the chain less likely to rust but the whole bike lock becomes durable and long-lasting.