BigPantha Heavy Duty Anti Theft Motorbike Disc Lock That Stops Thieves Dead In Their Tracks! Fits all Motorcycles and most Mopeds & Scooters (Blue).


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  • THIS IS JUST WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR if you need a motorcycle lock that’s easy to use and near impossible to breach! This modern cutting edge and PATENTED lock is pick-proof crowbar-proof drill-proof weather-proof and water-proof! I.e. it’s THIEF-PROOF!!
  • HEAVY DUTY DISC LOCK that uses a superior 14 mm hardened steel shackle double deadbolt patented locking system (extra safe) to secure the wheel rotor. This technology is MUCH TOUGHER than your conventional Motorcycle Disc Lock that uses a measly 6 mm pin to slide through the rotor hole. Once fitted the wheel can not be rotated more than a few inches which prevents the bike from being driven or rolled away.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by everyone that tries it! In addition to being extremely secure it WON’T DAMAGE YOUR VEHICLE since the ULock shackle is coated with a tough resilient and hard rubber sleeve which means that when it’s fitted it’ll give you max protection and will not damage your bike.
  • EASY TO NOTICE SO A THIEF WILL MOVE ON: Fit the new “Easy to Spot” Bright Orange Reminder Cable (132 cm / 52″ long) between the disc lock and your handlebar grip to make sure that you don’t try and drive off with the disc lock u-lock still fitted (yes that would be embarrassing!). And of course the Reminder Cable evolution has anti-theft qualities as draws attention to the front brakes lock so deterring a thief.